Two Step Sparring – (Ibo Matsoki)

Two Step Sparring Number 1

ATTACK – High punch right hand front kick left leg.
DEFENCE – Left leg back, walking stance,rising block right hand. Right leg back x fist pressing block.
COUNTER – Twin vertical punch.

Two Step Sparring Number 2

ATTACK – Side punch, fixed stance, turning kick left leg.
DEFENCE – Right leg back, L Stance, upward palm block. Left leg back, L Stance, waist block right hand.
COUNTER – Slide forward into right L stance, right side elbow.

Two Step Sparring Number 3

ATTACK – Front kick right leg, twin vertical punch.
DEFENCE – Right leg back walking stance, X first pressing block. Left leg back, walking stance, outer forearm wedging block.
COUNTER – Knee kick at same time pull the opponents shoulders.

Two Step Sparring Number 4

ATTACK – Flat fingertip thrust right hand sidekick left leg.
DEFENCE – Right leg back, walking stance, knife hand rising block. Leg back, L stance inward palm block left hand.
COUNTER – Front kick to coccyx, twin upset punch to kidneys