Red Belt


Black belts belts are by definition very mature. Therefore grading for Black belt, the student needs to lead by example and show maturity and respect to all. The students also started to demonstrate leadership skills by helping the junior students..


  • Mature, respectful
  • Awesome, extremely confident and powerful, extremely fit
  • Practices leadership skills.


  • Can do 50 press ups
  • Can perform all kicks to head height with proper foot shape
  • Kicking combination and jumping techniques
  • Should have enter entered 1 tournament, sparring or patterns.
  • Perform all patterns to competition level.
  • Realistic self defence


Red Tag    –   2nd KUP GRADING  –                                6 months 

  • Various basic hand and foot combinations
  • Hwa rang Combinations
  • Hand and foot Sparring Combinations
  • Jumping Reverse Turning Kick
  • Hwa Rang (+ previous)
  • 3 & 2 Step Sparring
  • 1 Step Sparring    (Ilbo Matoski)
  • 2 versus 1 sparring
  • Self defence – Against a neck lock  + previous
  • Free Sparring with safety equipment     (Jayoo Matsoki)
  • Power test (Breaking boards for adults; bag for kids)


  • Needs to know the coloured of the belt they are grading for and all previous belt colours.
  • Need to know the meanings of their new pattern and all previous patterns
  • Need to know what each move in there pattern and step sparring is called and what it is used for.