One Step Sparring – (Ilbo Matsoki)

One-step sparring is the practical, rehearsed fighting techniques the advanced student (Blue Belt and above) may study. One Step techniques performed by the student during a test is designed by the student to suit his or her style. Using good combinations will let you react and use them better.

The student should think of situations in which you envision using Tae kwon-Do techniques. Techniques should represent the skill of the student. Defences and counters to all sorts of punches, kicks, and attacks are recommended; however, self-defence is tested separately. Consult with upper belts and black belts for examples and further guidance.

Both students start in Parallel Ready Stance facing each other. One student then attacks the other with a middle punch. The defending student blocks or evades the punch and counters with any learnt Tae Kwon Do technique or take down/joint lock. This is done with both a right and left hand attack so students ensure they can defend and counter with both hands