Green Belt


Green belts should have mastered the basic and learnt to use proper breathing and timing to generate maximum power to their kicks, strikes and blocks. The student’s improved confidence in their own ability should be visibility apparent for all to see in their sparing, patterns and general behaviour.


  • Projects strong confidence and strength
  • Volunteers to demonstrating techniques in front of class or audience.


  • 30 press ups
  • Clean, sharp and strong kicks, blocks and strikes, using foot or hand parts
  • Mastered all basic stance with good balance
  • Using proper breathing, timing and reaction hand to generate maximum power.


GREEN BELT   –   6h KUP GRADING  –                           3 months

  • Various basic hand and foot combinations
  • First 3 moves from Won Hyo
  • Straight finger tip thrust
  • Circular Block, Front kick, Double Punch
  • Bending ready “A” stance, side kick, Knife hand guarding block
  • Basic Kicks – Front Kick,  side kick (same leg)
  • Basic Kicks – Turning Kick then reverse side kick (or spinning hook kick)
  • WON-HYO   (+ previous)
  • 3 Step Sparring   (Sambo Matsoki)                 No. 6 & 7
  • 2 Step Sparring    (Ibo Matoski)         No. 1  & 2
  • Semi – Free Sparring    (Ban – Jayoo Matsoki)
  • Self defence – Release from double hand collar hold  + previous
  • Measure Side kick (can hold kick for 5 seconds)


  • Needs to know the coloured of the belt they are grading for and all previous belt colours.
  • Need to know the meanings of their new pattern and all previous patterns
  • Need to know what each move in there pattern and step sparring is called and what it is used for.