Blue Belts


Red belts are by definition dangerous. So student who want to be Red belt should be physically fit, strong and capable of advanced techniques. Unless they have a good reason, i.e. disability or older adults,  should have done 2 tournament by now in either sparring or patterns. The students also started to demonstrate leadership skills by helping the junior students..


  • Awesome, extremely confident and powerful, extremely fit
  • Very good breath control, reaction, concentration, speed and balance
  • Practices leadership skills.
  • Able to write down your own defence and counters for 1 step sparring


  • Can do 40 press ups
  • Can perform all kicks to head height with proper foot shape
  • Kicking combination and jumping techniques
  • Should have enter entered 1 tournament, sparring or patterns.
  • Perform all patterns to competition level.
  • Realistic self defence


BLUE BELT    –   4h KUP GRADING  –                                              6 months

  • Various basic hand and foot combinations
  • Joong Gun Combinations
  • Hand and foot Sparring Combinations
  • Jumping Side Kick
  • JOONG GUN (+ previous)
  • 3 & 2 Step Sparring
  • 1 Step Sparring    (Ilbo Matoski)
  • Self defence – Against a downward strike  + previous
  • Free Sparring with safety equipment     (Jayoo Matsoki)
  • Power test (Breaking boards for adults; bag for kids)


  • Needs to know the coloured of the belt they are grading for and all previous belt colours.
  • Need to know the meanings of their new pattern and all previous patterns
  • Need to know what each move in there pattern and step sparring is called and what it is used for.