Summer Holidays 2016

During the school holidays the Tottenham branch in Gladesmore will close. We ask all the Gladesmore students to attend the Leytonstone branch until it reopens.
I know many students will be travelling away but we will keep the Leytonstone branch open so long as we have student attending to make classes viable.

Also fellow GTI club, Manor Park Taekwondo, run by Mr Houlihan, will be closing for August so we are welcoming their student to train with us. We have also received a few inquiries from people visiting London from abroad asking if the can train with us. Guest are welcome to train for free.


Last lessons we had 7 Black belts attend training which means class nearly run themselves and standards are high.We will therefore rotate the instructors amongst the adult Black belts in the club for variety. All lessons will be mainly cardio/fitness, bag or focus pad work, light sparring and generally the fun stuff.

The Tottenham Branch will reopen on Tuesday 6th September for regular training.

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