Paul Williams

Mr Paul Williams has been training with us since 2013, but was actually an original member of the original NLTKD under Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor. When I joined the original NLTKD back in the early 1990’s, Mr Paul Williams was a very useful Red belt whilst I was a shiny brand new white belt. I looked up to Mr Paul Williams and all the other senior belts.
Fast forward to present day, when he now comes into class I feel like a white belt again and I insist on calling him “Sir” but he insists I am now the “sir”. To solve the problem of who is the “Sir”, I have been calling all members of the NLTKD “sir or “ma’am” regardless of rank.
Like I have surpassed Mr Williams in grade, I sincerely hope some of my student will surpass me in grade too. Many have already surpassed my achievements and rightly deserved to be referred to as “Sir”.
Mr Paul Williams and I
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