Not Re-opening Soon

The NLTKD will re-open at some point but NOT soon due to the Gov restrictions to slow the spread of Covid-19

There are too many new rules to follow on the England’s team sport guidelines. Examples, 

  • all students need to be changed and ready to train before arrival at the hall.
  • Students won’t be able to mix socially before, during or after the class
  • students must remain socially distanced during breaks in training with spaced areas for equipment and refreshment storage for each individual
  • Not allowed to shake hands 
  • No face to face interaction with one another.
  • Social Distancing need to be maintained throughout the class.  
  • Students need to be in a group no more than 6 

There are a lot more rules in the England’s team sport guidelines. We either train with the new rules or break the rules and neither appeal to me

Therefore best to wait till the rules are relaxed. 


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