New Year’s Resolution 2019 and GTI Tournament

Training has resumed after the holiday break. We often get more enquiries about Taekwondo classes, than usual, from people who may have a New Year resolution to be more active in 2019. Many will ask lots of question which are already on our FAQ,  with many promising to come to our next class. Some are even ex NLTKD students. Many will text me repeatedly to state they are coming and re-confirming basic information like address and time details etc. but never turn up.

If this is you, I do understand the big decision and nerves in starting martial arts, but as you have probably realised, the hardest part is simply turning up. Even I, as instructor, have to make the effort to turn up and teach 4 nights a week after working all day. But that is the difference between a Black belt and keyboard warrior. The lessons themselves are fun, energetic and will improve you and make friends. Otherwise, our club would be dead long ago.

So if your New Year resolution is to start Taekwondo (or other get fit classes) no need to repeatly call, text, question the club instructors etc. Put down the phone and make your way to your local club. Then repeat regularly.

I hope the 2 nervous teenage girl who tried out today come back for more. 🙂 I don’t bite on Thursdays and we have many other teenage girls (and boys) training

Bleep Test

I stopped doing the bleep test awhile ago, because it took too long and the app we used was not being updated. Our hall is small so finding a decent app with a 15 meter is difficult. Anyway the old app still works and the students love it. They say they hate it but they lying. 👿 Also I decided to make our own version and share it online. It is designed to be used with a small Bluetooth speaker and a mobile phone.

This is NOT the version we use in our classes. The timing we use is not standard but we are used to it. The above is the standard multistage fitness test (MSFT) intervals by police recruitment etc. and we may switch to it.

2019 GTI English Open Taekwondo Championships

The next tournament is on Sunday, 27 January 2019 in Cheltenham.

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Events will include:

If you are thinking of join our classes, please don’t let the tournament scare you into not joining. Be brave.

  • patterns
  • point-stop sparring (for yellow/green belt juniors only)
  • continuous sparring (for all other juniors and adults)
  • destruction (blue/red/black belt adults only).

Entry fees: £20 for GTI members; £25 for non-GTI entrants. All registrations/entries and payments will be processed online via

Tournament rules are available online here:

If you are a novice and thinking of join our classes, please don’t let the tournament scare you into not joining. Be brave. Everyone was a novice at some point

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