New Taekwondo Black Belts

I would like you all to join me in congratulating Mr N Needham and Mr C Ojokor for attaining their 1st Dan Black Belts. They had a good grading. Though Mr Ojokor pulled a hamstring early in the grading he persevered through to the end. The examining panel consisted of Master Tony Sewell (Derby) – 7th Dan, Master George Cockburn (Leicester) – 7th Dan, Mr Jason Burgess (Wells) – 6th Dan, and the GTI Black Belt grading session was held in Derby last Sunday.

Mr Ojokor, like most of our Black Belts are very active and intends to become an instructor. He starts by running a Saturday “Fight Club” for those who want extra training at the NLTKD. The next Black Belt grading is in April 2015 and we have 7  1st Dan Black Belt students and 2 Black tag students already working hard to ensure they are ready.

bb-2014 bb1-2014

the biggest difference between our new Black Belts and the man on the street is our Black belts did not quit.

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