Mr Pat Houlihan takes over NLTKD Tottenham

It is with great sadness and reluctance that I have to stop teaching at the Tottenham branch.

I have been struggling for years with instructing 4 nights a week while doing a day job as a property developer. Also, I have TKD injuries on both legs from teaching 4 nights a week. I tried to have an existing Black Belt run the Tottenham club but I was unable to find anybody willing to commit to running the branch full time.

I have therefore asked Mr Pat Houlihan, who is a good instructor and ex-NLTKD member to take over the NLTKD Tottenham branch. He has an existing GTI club in Newhan, East London and a GTI squad member

The Tottenham branch is an active club and Mr Houlihan is experienced enough and has the time to improve the club more than I can. Over the last 3 lessons I have introduced the students and parents to the Mr Houlihan and from next week he will take over at Tottenham and no longer be a part of the NLTKD.

Other points.

  • I will continue to run the Leytonstone branch. 
  • Mr Houlihan lives very near to Tottenham branch, so easy for him
  • Mr Houlihan is known to Gladesmore school senior staff members
  • The Leytonstone venue booking is not easily transferred.
  • I work in east London so easy to reach the Leytonstone branch
  • My family normally meet at my mums on Friday evening for dinner and I would like to start attending.
  • I will have more time to simply maintain our NLTKD website which is always out of date.

I will miss not getting the senior student at Tottenham to Black belt after all the stresses they put me through but hope they continue training with Mr Houlihan and get their Black Belts for themselves. All fees will now have to be made payable to Mr Houlihan but you are welcome to train at the Leytonstone for free, especially during the school holidays.

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