Mr Henryanto achieves 3rd Dan

Please join me in congratulating Nicholas Henryanto on achieving the rank of 3rd Dan. he was graded by the Global Taekwondo International Black Belt grading panel. The GTI Black belt grading panel for this grading consisted of 

  • Master Tony Sewell 8th Dan (Derby)
  • Master Paresh Bhadeshia 7th Dan (Cheltenham)
  • Mr Jason Burgess 6th Dan (Wells)

He, like all other previous North London Taekwondo (NLTKD) Black belts, are the best and keep the original NLTKD martial arts standards. A martial arts belt costs £2 but it is the skills and attitudes learnt that are much more important and Nicholas has both in abundance.

Nicholas Henryanto has trained with the NLTKD from a young child and has much as he has learnt Taekwondo, i have learn as an instructor. But a lot of credit must also go to his parents who have always supported and encouraged him and his sister, catherine in there training. 

Catherine could have graded and done equally as well but the GTI have different Black belts for juniors and seniors. Catherine, decided to wait till she is a senior, has Nicholas did, before taking her 3rd Dan grading. It would be good to she her get her 3rd dan, as a senior with the NLTKD

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