How to Join

The best way to join the NLTKD is to come along for a chat, have a look at our classes, then book to TRY UP TO 3 LESSONS FREE with no obligation to join. Simply, give me a call when you are ready to turn up so that I know to expect you. Please come early as I might not be able to chat once classes have started. During the free trial you have the opportunity to see what taekwondo training involves and you may ask any questions from the instructor or other students.

For your free trial, simply wear loose clothing and don’t worry about your fitness, as it will improve with training. Due to the techniques used, taekwondo training it is suitable for boys and girls, men or women. No previous experience is required. Minimum age is 12. 

If you tried a few lessons and want to sign up then …….

STEP 1 – Licence £25

You will first need to download, print fill in a GTI membership licence form and return with £25 and 2 passport photos. This annual license, is renewable yearly, includes student to student insurance cover while participating in NLTKD activities and is required by law. This must be returned by the parent to ensure we have their approval. Paper copies available on request.

STEP 2 – Monthly Fee £35

 You need to setup a standing order with your bank to our bank for the monthly fee to start from the first day of next full month.

  • Acc Name North London Tae Kwon Do
  • Acc No 1032 7808
  • Sort Code 20 – 67- 88
  • Please use the students name as reference.

STEP 3 – Uniform FREE

Once we receive the first months in our bank accounts, we will give you the uniform for free.  Notify me with student name.

STEP 4 – Safety Equipment

Though it is not necessary to buy equipment immediately, students who decide they would like to continue training will be expected to own a full set of sparring equipment by the time they reach Yellow belts. Suppliers include
020 8556 8887 Walthamstow
020 8317 8280 Woolwich
020 8348 0870 Haringey

we get a discount from . Please contact me for details. See for more details

Other fees and charges

Gradings are held every 3 months and cost £25. They determine if you are ready to be promoted. They are optional and you need to be eligible and up to the required standard.

Click here fore the full coloured belt grading syllabus

Tournaments. Much later, students will be required to enter taekwondo tournaments. They costs vary depending on the host but around £15 – £25.

The NLTKD has a minimum age of 11, unless accompanied in training by an older sibling / parent or has previous martial arts experience