2018 GTI English Open in Cheltenham

The NLTKD encourages students to attend tournaments. Tournaments are useful in introducing students to dealing with adversity. A student asked how a tournament who help him in real life. I said that if he is afraid to compete in a tournament with referees and safety equipment, then he will probably crap himself in a real self-defence situation. Tournaments will help you a little bit to deal with the adrenaline surge, nerves and reality of “fighting” a stranger. However I must admit nothing can prepare you against a mugger with an AK47 or Desert Eagle, just saying.

It also encourages students to learn to strive to be competitive and be the best they can be. These are life skills needed in a the highly competitive professional real world.  At the last GTI tournament in Cheltenham, the following student got

  • N. Henryanto – Bronze Sparring
  • C. Henryanto – Gold Sparring and Gold patterns
  • V. Vasiura – Bronze sparring and Bronze patterns
  • C. Craig-Mellentin – Bronze sparring
  • N. Kunchii – fought well but was unsuccessful.
  • A. Kunchii – silver sparring
  • J. Dlask- Gold Sparring and Gold patterns
  • A. Bejenariu – Bronze Sparring
  • R. Grigaliunaite– silver sparring
  • M. Tapper – Gold patterns and Bronze Sparring

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Class of 2017 Photos

The other day in class, Iona (@Tottenham) asks if I can take a photo of the class to send to her friend on Snapchat. I could not think of a reason to refuse so I took a photograph after the lesson and sent it to all the students. Click on image to get larger version  

Then I went to Leytonstone and took a better photograph, all smart and stuff

so I had to go back to Tottenham and get a smarter photo.

 Sorry if you are not in the photos, I did not plan or announce it. Just who was in class at the time. I’ll try to take more photos more often


Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor Era

We rebuilt the NLTKD website but somehow forgot to transfer over pictures from Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor era as instructor of the NLTKD. We fixed that. Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor founded the NLTKD many years ago. Mr Onipede reopened it with Albert’s support and even took his son to 2nd Dan. A few original NLTKD students have dusted off the cobwebs and returned to training too.

All the pictures are courtesy or Mr Williamson –Taylor and Paul Williams.

North London Taekwondo in 2014 so far

The NLKD has a new website. The old website, which went live in 2008, was fine for that time, but as web technology and coding evolved, the website became harder to maintain and up date. The best solution is to rebuild the site. In the meantime here are the news update that should have been posted to the website.

To do this I will simply scroll through our North London Taekwondo Facebook page and repost stuff here that has already been posted there.

2014 GTI British Championship – 17 February

Great tournament notable because Mr Francois Onawelho-Loren came out of retirement for last tournament.

Breaking Videos

we did a lot of breaking videos. here are some

There were coloured belt grading which are normally held every 3 months

We hosted a Black belt Pre grading


M Pham and R Pham became Black Belts.


and here is a video they made for fun after classes – Youtube

And finally there was a tournament in July and a few of our Black belts are now listed in the GTI Black belt Ranking

I will update this if I remember anything else.

NLTKD goes to ComicCon @ East London Excel 2013

The NLTKD instructor and students visited the London Comic Con. http://www.mcmcomiccon.com/london/ Different NLTKD students have been going to this bi-annual event on their own steam but this year we decided to go as a group. We had 2 group meet up at both Tottenham hale station and Stratford station. We met on the platform at the destination train station and went in as a group. Maybe next year we all go together in taekwondo costumes ??