Movie “All Stars” (2013)



Last year, NLTKD was approached by Vertigo Films to provide martial artist for the film “All Stars”. The film is out in the cinemas now. A student went to see it yesterday and said she saw numerous students in it. They were originally cast for their martial arts abilities and roles but due to delays in getting there “acting licences” they were re-cast as extras. l I don’t know how good the film is but they had fun. I believe over 6 students are in the film.

Also we had a little camera crew who came to the Leytonstone branch to do a bit of filming. It was to do with the Olympics.

Taekwondo at the next 2016 Rio Olympics

NLTKD encourages and attends numerous TKD tournaments a year. For the next 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil, exceptionally skilled Taekwondo students can seek selection for the GB Olympics team via Fighting Chance: Battle4Brazil The top British Olympics Taekwondo fighters, have an ITF style background and to make sure we give Great Britain the best chance of success at Taekwondo, selection is made from ANY kicking orientated martial arts, including Taekwondo. Also see BBC website.

Ruebyn Richards from our member club GTI Derby is now part of Team GB Taekwondo from which final Olympic selection is made. Jade Jones, London 2012 Taekwondo Gold medalist originally practiced ITF style Taekowndo and selected via the Talent 2012: Fighting Chance