New Taekwondo Black Belts

I would like you all to join me in congratulating Mr N Needham and Mr C Ojokor for attaining their 1st Dan Black Belts. They had a good grading. Though Mr Ojokor pulled a hamstring early in the grading he persevered through to the end. The examining panel consisted of Master Tony Sewell (Derby) – 7th Dan, Master George Cockburn (Leicester) – 7th Dan, Mr Jason Burgess (Wells) – 6th Dan, and the GTI Black Belt grading session was held in Derby last Sunday.

Mr Ojokor, like most of our Black Belts are very active and intends to become an instructor. He starts by running a Saturday “Fight Club” for those who want extra training at the NLTKD. The next Black Belt grading is in April 2015 and we have 7  1st Dan Black Belt students and 2 Black tag students already working hard to ensure they are ready.

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the biggest difference between our new Black Belts and the man on the street is our Black belts did not quit.

Official Confirmation at

North London Taekwondo in 2014 so far

The NLKD has a new website. The old website, which went live in 2008, was fine for that time, but as web technology and coding evolved, the website became harder to maintain and up date. The best solution is to rebuild the site. In the meantime here are the news update that should have been posted to the website.

To do this I will simply scroll through our North London Taekwondo Facebook page and repost stuff here that has already been posted there.

2014 GTI British Championship – 17 February

Great tournament notable because Mr Francois Onawelho-Loren came out of retirement for last tournament.

Breaking Videos

we did a lot of breaking videos. here are some

There were coloured belt grading which are normally held every 3 months

We hosted a Black belt Pre grading


M Pham and R Pham became Black Belts.


and here is a video they made for fun after classes – Youtube

And finally there was a tournament in July and a few of our Black belts are now listed in the GTI Black belt Ranking

I will update this if I remember anything else.

Summer Coloured Belt Grading – 2012

76 students from the 3 branches of the NLTKD. The 6 hour long grading was conducted by Mr Gordon Slater 6th Dan from GTI Essex. He is also the GTI area representative. To ensure standards within NLTKD schools, club instructors are not permitted to “grade” their own students

Autumn grading 2011

After the summer lull, most students returned to training. 37 students who trainied through the summer graded for their coloured belts on Saturday 17 September 2011. It was carrie d out by Master Sewell, 7th Dan (Derby). All passed and belts and grading certificates have been passed out.