instructor-biodunMr Biodun Sean Onipede,

4th Dan Black Belt, (Main Instructor) has trained in Tae Kwon Do from the early 1990’s, under Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor with the original NLTKD, in the TAGB and later in the GTI. Mr Onipede has won numerous won numerous sparring trophies including British Championship, English Championships and other regional and Open tournaments.

Mr Onipede is a property developer and formerly ran Aon Building Contractors and past Secretary of Global Taekwondo International

Chief Instructor

instructor-albertMr Albert Williamson-Taylor,

5th Dan Black Belt, (Senior Instructor), has trained, instructed and examined students including Black Belt Dan gradings in Tae Kwon Do since the early 1980’s. Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor has was competed at both national and international level and won numerous tournaments. Founder of the original NLTKD, founder member of the TAGB and GTI. 

NLTKD Founder and Honorary Chief Instructor.

Assistant Instructors

Mr Goldwater Ojokor (Tottenham) and Mr Paul Williams (Leytonstone)

When I walked into the NLTKD, as a beginner, Mr Ojojor and Mr William were both Red belts. in a club full of big tough scary guys. They both got their Black belts under Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor long before me. I have always got a lot of respect for them then and now, and I am grateful to both of them for their support, assistance and sharing there knowledge with the current generation of NLTKD student. And in return I have promised, with their help, to keep the standards of new NLTKD Black belts to the same old high standards. 

Mr Steven Green

Mt Green came to the NLTKD relatively recently as a red belt. He has a long history of training in various places and countries. We can clearly see his skill and knowledge. He hopes to open his own club one day and we may loose him but for now he is the first person I call if I need cover at the Leytonstone branch
Ex Students.

We have had a few students go through the ranks and become Black Belts and helped a bit example Daniel Connolley-Taylor (Albert’s son) , Rinchen Griffiths-Golha, Cameron Ojokor, Stephen Henry and currently Charles Oliver.

Previous Assistant Instructors

instructor-patPat Houlihan,

started Tae Kown do in 1979 Cork, Eire under Master Norman Creedon of the Republic of Ireland Tae Kwon Do Association (RITA). Pat Houlihan came out of retirement and started training with his children in the NLTKD. He has since moved on and open his own club in the Manor Park, London and taken over the NLTKD Tottenham branch

instructor-rogerRoger Husbands,

 started training in Tae Kwon Do under Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor with the original NLTKD. He has returned as an Assistant Instructor and achieved his 1st Degree Black Belts under Mr Onipede. Roger is an active and successful sparring competitor

instructor-francoisMr Onawelho-Loren

(Instructor) started training in Tae Kwon Do from the early 1990’s, under Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor with the original NLTKD, but after a long break achieved his 1st and 2nd Degree Black Belts under Mr Onipede. Francois has won numerous trophies in sparring.

Oscar Andres Garcia Blum

Visited the UK from Venezuela and was with us for 6 months. Oscar was a black belt champion in WTF taekwondo and had studied ITF taekwondo, aikido and other martial arts. He trained the police and military in Venezuela. He brought vast knowledge in practical self defence training to the NLTKD fight club.

Simon Gavin 1st Dan (Assistant Instructor) moved to Wales. He and his wife Natalie were training with TAGB under Gianni Peros in Cardiff.