Nicholas Compete in Taekwondo Tournament in Italy

Firstly sorry for delay in posting this.

Nicholas was part of the GTI Squad and was selected to represent the GTI at the Italy World Championship. It was held in Northern Italy, Flamenco, Rimini on 25th to 28th June 2015. By being selected for the GTI squad, the GTI sponsors half the cost and the NLTKD was able to raise the balance of the sponsorship.

It was a 3 day trip which started when Nicholas (and his dad) flew out with the rest of the 19 man GTI squad from Stansted Airport to Bologna Airport From there they took a 1 hour coach to Rimini. They stayed in a 3 star Hotel Colibri. Nocholas won 5 medals. 3 silvers for individual sparring, team patterns and team special technique and won 2 bronze medals for team sparring and team power. His most memorable fight against a Japanese person and it ”was the toughest fight I ever had”.

Away from the competition, the GTI squad chilled out on the beach. Apparently “it was very hot and the squad had fun, but some people got sunburnt…” But they would go to train a bit for sparing and for team events.

Also Catherine,

Nicholas‘s sister, Catherine, was also in action shortly afterwards at the Unified ITF World Championships’ which started Friday 10th to Sunday 12th July in Hertfordshire, Hatfield . She won a gold medal for sparring. Her memorable fight was in the final, with a competitor who was taller and bigger than her. See for a video of the fight


Nicholas and Catherine are great students and ambassadors of the NLTKD. And have worked with many other instructors including Mr Chow (GTI Squad Leader), Mr Houlihan, (GTI Manor Park) and Mr Alagoa (London Chinatown Taekwondo)

Nicholas and Catherine have been select to enter the European Championships in Budapest this February 2016. Any and all sponsors are welcome.

Click here for more information on joining the GTI squad.

GTI Competitor of the Year 2014 – 2015 results

The final GTI Competitor of the Year 2014 – 2015 results have published on-line at The results confirm that both the boys and girls champions are from the North London Taekwondo club, with numerous mentions of our other Black Belts on the list.

  • Boys Sparring: Oliver Charles
  • Girls Sparring:  Catherine Henryanto

The NLTKD is very proud of them and we are the only club to have 2 winners on the list. We are pleased that a member from both branches won as the syllabus and training syllabus is similar at both branches. The GTI will award them their trophies at the next tournament the GTI English Open on 31st January 2016.

Both winners are very talented and continue the NLTKD’s tradition of producing top class Black belts. Here is a video of Catherine in the finals of a tournament in October 2015.


Bleep test results for October and November.

Bleep Test results for October and November. I think the winners get to level 15/16 normally at both branches.

Leytonstone Tottenham
  1. Oliver
  2. Jerry
  3. David
  4. Catherine
  5. Vlad
  6. James
  7. Mr Onipede
  8. Andrii
  9. Miah
  10. Nicholas
  1. Lashawn
  2. Joel (Guest)
  3. Neel
  4. Rinchen
  5. Jose
  6. Oliver
  7. Leona
  8. Emry
  9. Chelsea
  10. Aaron
  1. Chay
  2. Azziz
  3. Jerry
  4. Ian
  5. Azarii Dad
  6. Oliver
  7. Vlad
  8. Catherine
  9. Nazarii
  10. Mr Onipede
  1. Lashawn
  2. Rinchen
  3. Shamek
  4. Emry
  5. Jose
  6. Iona
  7. Tess (Lanee mum)
  8. Thansan
  9. Duann
  10. Okay

“Breaking Kids” video is now over 2 years old

The “Breaking Kids” video is now over 2 years old and they have all grown up. Most of the Ref belts with black tags are now 2nd Dan Black belts and very active. But the look so cute years ago. I am very proud of them.

Breaking boards is trained from the moment the student displays proper kicks and power at the North London Taekwondo. The blind folded jumping reverse turning kicks performed by the students is hard to execute, particularly when you have to break boards. We always encourage student to push their limits, they might surprise themselves. And have fun!

GTI British Open 2015 Taekwondo Results

The NLTKD had 32 students enter the GTI British Open championship in Cheltenham. For many Taekwondo students it was their first time competing in a martial arts tournament, but most of the senior belts are seasoned competitors. Ether first time or regular competitor, the NLTKD is proud of each one that entered the tournament. Below is the list the full results from the GTI website at

1st 2nd 3d
Middle Neelesh Nobeen
Light Kois Miah
Light Chelsea Bland
Heavy Cadets Oliver Charles
Light Heavy Jerry McDonagh
Middle Aaron Bland
Heavy Cadet Jose Domingues Thanhsan Truong Marlon Manansala
James Kempster
Heavy Doanh Luu Nguyen
Darnell Frederick Tran
Light Heavy Emadh Miah
Heavy Tamara Burling
Middle Catherine Henryanto
Heavy Leona La-Crette Kesiena Ojokor
Light Heavy Amara Deans
Middle Lanee Boateng
Red/Blue Chelsea Bland
Green Darnell Tran Jose Domingues
Yellow Thansuan Truong
Black Catherine Henryanto
Blue Leona La-Crette Ame-Oro Ojokor

Also proud o

  • Rinchen Griffiths-Golha
  • David McDonagh
  • Nazarii Kunchii
  • Andrii Kunchii
  • Dexter Lardner
  • Nathan Zilberman
  • Mohaned Sayed
  • Vlad Vasiura
  • Emre Ozsoy
  • Chay Samuels


New Black Belts at NLTKD

Congratulations to the 6 NLTKD students who successfully passed the GTI Black Belt grading held in Derby Uk on the 11th Of October 2015.

Rinchen Griffiths-Golha
Oliver Charles
Ian Jannetta-Porter
Oliver Crossman
Aaron Bland
Tamara Burling
2nd Dan (Adult)
2nd Dan (Junior)
1st Dan (Adult)
1st Dan (Adult)
1st Dan (Junior)
1st Dan (Junior)

They are top quality Black belts we are very proud of. Click here for list of past NLTKD Black Belts results