Casting Call for extras


Lovely to talk to you, thank you for offering to help us!

Below is all the info you should need for the extra roles, if there are any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

We are looking for MEN & WOMEN 17 years old and over (There will be 50 people per sport in the ad) Must be based in London!

You must be super fit and good at Taekwondo It’s all about the passion, vigor & determination you have when training!

If you are selected to take part in the shoot you will be paid: £100 per day

Shoot dates: Rehearsals: 11th, 12th & 16th August (one day per person) Shoot days: 17th, 18th & 19th August (one to two days per person) In London

As we are after large number of people so if you are interested in taking part please send the following info to:

Name & age How skilled you are in Taekwondo Your location Couple of pictures of you (can be done on your phone)

This job is on a very tight scheduled therefore if you are interested and definitely free for dates then please do send us a picture asap. There are a lot of extras needed for this job so the chances of being chosen are quite high!

Thanks again

Rosie Winton
Kate and Lou Casting

020 7323 1952

Summer Holidays 2016

During the school holidays the Tottenham branch in Gladesmore will close. We ask all the Gladesmore students to attend the Leytonstone branch until it reopens.
I know many students will be travelling away but we will keep the Leytonstone branch open so long as we have student attending to make classes viable.

Also fellow GTI club, Manor Park Taekwondo, run by Mr Houlihan, will be closing for August so we are welcoming their student to train with us. We have also received a few inquiries from people visiting London from abroad asking if the can train with us. Guest are welcome to train for free.


Last lessons we had 7 Black belts attend training which means class nearly run themselves and standards are high.We will therefore rotate the instructors amongst the adult Black belts in the club for variety. All lessons will be mainly cardio/fitness, bag or focus pad work, light sparring and generally the fun stuff.

The Tottenham Branch will reopen on Tuesday 6th September for regular training.

Minimum age requirement

The minimum age for a student to join the NLTKD is 11 at the moment. This is a relatively new rule brought in because we simply cannot cater for both under 11 who will be nursery and primary school children and maintain the tougher physical standards required by the over 11 who will normally be moody secondary school teens to adults within the same class. And we simply do not have enough time to run separate junior classes. We may in future look into setting kiddie taekwondo classes up in future.

A loophole for a child, under 11 years old but older than 9 to join the NLTKD is if they have previous martial arts experience (in any discipline)  or have a parent and/or older sibling already training with us. The older family member will then help control the young child but the lesson will still be aimed at the older students. The highest grade a younger student can attain is a blue belt while under 11 year old.

While we accept there are many highly talented 3-8 year old Black Belts, we prefer our Black Belts be older physically and mentally and at least be able to walk to school on their own.


Old school Taekwondo style

NLTKD practices the original ITF syllabus using the old style. That means we use the pattern KoDang and not the newer Juche. Also we use the original “hip twist” style and not the newer sine wave. This video shows the KoDang pattern how it should be done