Fighting Spirit Film Festival

A friend of the NLTKD club has asked us to help promote the 2nd Fighting Spirit Film Festival. This is an event features, short films, and demonstrations from various martial arts clubs.  Also the event is being held in East London so relatively local to many of our members. we know of many students who have an interest in film making and this event is a chance to meet like minded people.

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HOLIDAYS ARE OVER. The Leytonstone Branch is open and the Tottenham Branch will be opening in early September. 

Summer Holidays

The Leytonstone Branch will be closed for 2 week until the 14th August, due to the Summer Holidays. 

The Tottenham Branch is closed until the Gladesmore Community School reopens in September. 

GTI Summer Camp 2017

The North London Taekwondo are part of the Global Tae Kwon-Do International (GTI). The GTI provides, tournaments, International competition opportunities, Black belt grading, seminars and much more for the NLTKD club members to enjoy as part of their memberships of the NLTKD 

The GTI are hosting a summer camp from July 22 2017. last year 3 NLTKD students attended and found it good fun. lots of details are on the Facebook even site at

From the event page

All GTI members are welcome at our 2017 Summer Camp!

This year’s summer camp will take place at the same location as last year’s. The format will be similar but with a bit more downtime. The schedule is still to be confirmed but last year’s included flexible strength, training, boxing, ringcraft, TKD drills, yoga, crossfit, kickboxing and psychology of winning.

Overnight spaces are limited to about 20 people and (Saturday) day passes will be available.

The cost for two nights, various coaching, Saturday breakfast/lunch and Sunday breakfast will be £90. Please make payment to Squad Coach Jasper Chow: either by bringing £50 deposit to the GTI 100 Rounds of Sparring event on 25th June. Or by arranging payment with him directly (or via your instructor).

Please direct any queries to GTI Squad Coach Jasper Chow: .

Holiday Schedule

There will be No training at Leytonstone TODAY due to the bank holidays. There will be on Thursdays
There will be no training at Tottenham this week, due to the school holidays. There will be next week as usual.

Old camera, new videos

Ok, it seems the students like the in videos, so I will designate my old Gopro4 camera which I normally used for scuba diving for  Taekwondo only. I tested it today in class and worked fine. I can film in 1080p 60fps which makes slow motion better so is ok for now. I also post all the video to our YouTube channel at 

I know the channel says “Leytonstone”, but the channel is for BOTH our Leytonstone and Tottenham branch.

if you have any ideas for videos, let me know

The 2016 Students of the Year

The 2016 ”Students of the Year” are C. Craig-Mellentin (Blue belt) and T. Truong (Blue belt) .

This year I decided not to give the award to a Black belt because the whole point of the award was to recognise the efforts of student who I think has worked hard and might not think I have noticed them.

C. Craig-Mellentin started taekwondo because her friend dragged her along for the company. She seemed like she had never heard of martial arts before, was very shy and awkward and seemed like she could not wait to go home after each class. When her friend who dragged her to classes stopped training, I thought Charlotte would stop too and would probably celebrate by burning her taekwondo uniform but I was very surprised she continued training in Taekwondo without her friend. She soon got more confident as won tournaments and is a completely different person from the young shy, introvert girl who started not long ago. I don’t know what’s brought about the new confident, tall, and proud Charlotte as I know I have given her a hard time in class, but I cannot remember the last time I have had cause to pick on her. 

T. Truong, like Charlotte, was one of those student you would bet, would not last long in Taekwondo training. He is a clown, waiting for his pink belt and opposite to everything you expect from a martial artist. There have been a few times I have been tempted to kick him out of the class for various reasons, but I grudgingly must accept that he is an “Ok” guy and “OK” martial artist. I cannot praise him too much as he is already arrogant, cocky, loud etc and simply making him “student of the year” will make him louder but I am very proud of him too.
Thanhsan is also intelligent, fun, popular, and very mature for is age. He enjoys his Taekwondo and his laid back attitude hides the fact he is a skilled all-rounder for his grade. He is the only person I know to deliberately use a tornado (360 turning) kick in points sparring. And he does my Tie for me at gradings.

I hope they both train to become Black belts, but for now I am very proud of both for what they have achieved so far and how they have grown since they have started Taekwondo. NLTKD will be a less without them.

Both branches are very active and the standards are high, so I cannot mention everyone who also deserve a mention, but I need to say to both Dexter (Green belt) and Vlad (Red belt) that I am watching you guys and hope 2017 will be your year.

Ps: sorry for posting this late

The NLTKD 2015 Students of the Year was decided by the GTI when they awarded Catherine Henyanto and Oliver Charles the GTI Black Belt Competitor of the year 2014-2015 in both the Girls and Boys division respectively . see for details