Holiday closing dates and Social media

Below are the Christmas and New Year closing dates,

Tuesday 11 December 2018 – Tottenham Open
Thursday 13 December 2018 – Leytonstone Open
Friday 14 December 2018 – Tottenham Open
Monday 17 December 2018 – Leytonstone

Tuesday 18 December 2018 CHRISTMAS PARTY at Gladesmore school Tottenham.

From 7th January at both Leytonstone and Tottenham at usual dates and times.


Also the pictures / gallery section of our website is no longer regularly updated as most pictures and videos are posted on social media sites like
YouTube –
TikTok – @nltkd 

Hall closures and no training dates

Due to Half term, next week, there will be no training our Tottenham Martial Arts Branch, Gladesmore Sports Centre, i.e
Tuesday 23 October 2018
Friday 26 October 2018

Due to a funeral next week, there will be no training at Leytonstone Martial Arts Branch, O-Regen Epicentre on
Thursday 25 October 2018

So there is only training on Monday 22 October. I apologise for the closures, they are out of my control.

Remember, students can train at either branch. and we back to normal the week after. 

Casting Call for Extras

We been asked to share this. In past we had a few student take part on movie and TV work as extras. Nothing major but an experience nonetheless and they sometimes need people with martial arts experience. Your Taekwondo training might have other uses.

Hi there,

Want to get paid as a film and TV extra in London and the surrounding areas?

Uni-versalEXTRAS are holding open registration days in Kingston and Watford for people to register as extras. It is completely free to attend and all work obtained is paid. Based at Pinewood Film Studios, our recent credits include Solo: A Star Wars Story, Fantastic Beasts and Black Mirror.

Registration Day in Kingston on Friday 19th October 2018!
Location: Richard Mayo Centre, Eden Street, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 1HZ
Timings: arrive at any time between 10am and 4pm
Facebook Event:

Registration Day in Watford on Saturday 20th October 2018!
Location: St Marys Church Hall, Church Street, Watford, WD18 0EG
Timings: arrive at any time between 10am and 4pm
Facebook Event:

No experience necessary. You must be aged 16½ or over with the right to work in the UK. For more details, to ask questions contact

What do you need to do?

  1. Visit our website to Register as an Extra
  2. Follow the registration steps (taking care to ensure that all the information provided is correct) – STOP at the photo stage
  3. Attend the event at any time between 10am and 4pm to have your photos taken and to get a FREE 1 Year Listing with Uni-versalEXTRAS!

What happens at the Registration Day?
We will take your photos so that we can cast you in suitable roles as an extra for film & TV productions in your local area.

We look forward to seeing you, your family and your friends!

Admin Team
Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd

Coloured Belt Grading

The next coloured grading is on Saturday 20 October conducted by Master Andy Betts 7th Dan. We use the standard GTI grading syllabus with the following upgrades

Yellow belts with Green tags need to do “free sparring” instead of “3 Step-semi free sparring“. This means Green tags and above need to own and bring a full set of sparring equipment to their gradings.

The Power test for Blue Belts and above means breaking for both Juniors and Adults using age appropriate plastic boards. Display your hand and foot breaking techniques appropriate for your age, weight, grade and general awesomeness. 

The GTI press-ups requirements for each grade

  • White – 10
  • White with yellow tag 15 press ups
  • Yellow Belt – 20 press ups

The following are the NLTKD requirements which are conducted during the “Basics” phase of the grading

  • Green Belt – 30 press ups
  • Blue Belt – 40 press ups
  • Red Belt – 50 press ups

None of the above is new. Just posting all syllabus changes from past few years in one post.

I know from my personal experience that press-ups can be hard. I hated them as male adults have to do press-ups on knuckles, but also they are not impossible. I asked in class today, particularly the adults and ladies, if I should lower the press-up target and they all said keep we should keep it. The ladies said reducing their requirement would be discriminatory 😎   OKaaaay  !! Also in my experience the students who struggle to do press-up will generally struggle to be a good Black belts and whilst the student who are going to be good Black Belts will do 1000 press-ups if I asked. Press-up, like patterns and stretching simply need practice.

Also making a clear rule that you need to be 11 years old to be a Blue Belt. This is not currently an issue as you need to be 11 to simply join our club, but we occasionally take younger students with previous martial art experience or siblings of existing students. Under those circumstances, the student will now need to be 11 before getting a blue belts. I have heard there are 10 year olds with 4th Dan Black Belts out there but . .  not with the NLTKD.

Assistant Instructors and Tournaments

Assistant Instructors
For the time being, Oliver Charles (3rd Dan) and Roger Husbands (1st Dan) will be the daily instructors of the Tottenham Branch. This is due to both of them wanting more experience and involvement in being a Taekwondo Instructors. This coincides with the main Instructor, Mr Biodun Sean Onipede, being extremely busy at work and struggling with teaching taekwondo 4 evenings a week. The feedback from student is they are doing a good job and I suppose the students also enjoy the change. Note that Mr Husbands is a fully qualified Instructor and trained with Mr Onipede back in the days, and Mr Charles is a 3rd Dan and former GTI Competitor of the Year. 

C Henryanto
Catherine has won another tournament last weekend. Sadly due to a coloured belt grading over the weekend, the NLTKD had to spend more time with the coloured belts, but Catherine has kept herself fit and had the support of the GTI squad. Special thanks to Chris Davis of the GTI Squad who was ringside with Catherine in her fight. The GTI squad is there for student to take the training to the next level.

GTI National Open
The next GTI tournament is on Sunday 8th of July in Cheltenham. See poster below. Parents, please try and take your kid to the event. With all the best training in the world, unless the student actually attend tournaments, the student cannot reach their potential. This is true for any sport. Catherine is a great champion to a large part due to her parents efforts

Easter Bank Holiday Opening Dates

Due to the Easter and Bank holidays we have a lot of days where there will be no training. The Tottenham Branch closes on school holidays while the Leytonstone branch will try to remain open except this Thursday due to a funeral. So therefore

Thursday 29 March Leytonstone CLOSED due to a funeral
Friday 30 March Tottenham CLOSED due to a Easter Holiday
Monday 2 April Leytonstone CLOSED due to a Bank Holiday
Tuesday 3 April Tottenham CLOSED due to a Easter Holiday
Wednesday 4 April    
Thursday 5 April Leytonstone OPEN as usual
Friday 6 April Tottenham CLOSED due to a Easter Holiday
Monday 9 April Leytonstone OPEN as usual
Tuesday 10 April Tottenham CLOSED due to a Easter Holiday
Wednesday 11 April    
Thursday 12 April Leytonstone OPEN as usual
Friday 13 April Tottenham CLOSED due to a Easter Holiday
Monday 16 April Leytonstone OPEN as usual
Tuesday 17 April Tottenham Tottenham reopen 

The Tottenham branch is always forced to close on school holidays so we encourage those students who wish to continue training to try and attend the Leytonstone branch. You can get the Oveground train from South Tottenham and ride a few stops to Leytonstone High Road and we are a short walk from the station. 

If you are going away on holiday, have fun and don’t eat too much. If you want to train at home check out the NLTKD Homework page