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We are Open but new phone number - We have reopened a while ago but forgot to update this website and the club has a new Instructor Mr Green. His number is 07985 521833. We still get enquires for the club in Tottenham. This club has been taken over a while ago by Mr Houlihan 07910 788521.
NLTKD has reopened !! - The NLTKD as reopened after the lockdown we are trying to abide with all the Covid-19 rules. This means most training exercise observes social distancing and no contact. This means lots of cardio, patterns and line work. No self defence or sparring.    As the club reopens, Mr Onipede will be stepping down as the […]
Not Re-opening Soon - The NLTKD will re-open at some point but NOT soon due to the Gov restrictions to slow the spread of Covid-19 There are too many new rules to follow on the England’s team sport guidelines. Examples,  all students need to be changed and ready to train before arrival at the hall. Students won’t be able […]
Coronavirus. WE ARE CLOSED - UPDATE: 29/07/2020 We will reopen hopefully in September. Some martial arts clubs have already reopened. Currently, depending on venue, for a martial arts club or similar to open, all members have to maintain social distances, wear face masks and and wash hands in alcohol before training.This would mean we can only do line work and […]
Mr Henryanto achieves 3rd Dan - Please join me in congratulating Nicholas Henryanto on achieving the rank of 3rd Dan. he was graded by the Global Taekwondo International Black Belt grading panel. The GTI Black belt grading panel for this grading consisted of  Master Tony Sewell 8th Dan (Derby) Master Paresh Bhadeshia 7th Dan (Cheltenham) Mr Jason Burgess 6th Dan (Wells) He, […]
Mr Pat Houlihan takes over NLTKD Tottenham - It is with great sadness and reluctance that I have to stop teaching at the Tottenham branch. I have been struggling for years with instructing 4 nights a week while doing a day job as a property developer. Also, I have TKD injuries on both legs from teaching 4 nights a week. I tried to […]
Major Feature looking for Males to play Soldiers – can you help? - Hi there, I am writing from Uni-versal Extras, a company that places people as extras in paid roles for film and TV across the UK. Based at Pinewood Film Studios, our recent credits include Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite and Mary Poppins Returns. We are looking for males to play soldiers for a major comedy action […]
New Year’s Resolution 2019 and GTI Tournament - Training has resumed after the holiday break. We often get more enquiries about Taekwondo classes, than usual, from people who may have a New Year resolution to be more active in 2019. Many will ask lots of question which are already on our FAQ,  with many promising to come to our next class. Some are […]
2018 Student of the Year. - My criteria for Student of the Year is simple otherwise I would have to give too many awards out. Only 2 winners. One Male and One Female One from Tottenham and one from Leytonstone Ideally between blue and red belt, if I had a choice Under 18 if I had a choice Has improved a […]
Holiday closing dates and Social media - Below are the Christmas and New Year closing dates, Tuesday 11 December 2018 – Tottenham OpenThursday 13 December 2018 – Leytonstone OpenFriday 14 December 2018 – Tottenham OpenMonday 17 December 2018 – Leytonstone Tuesday 18 December 2018 CHRISTMAS PARTY at Gladesmore school Tottenham. ReopenFrom 7th January at both Leytonstone and Tottenham at usual dates and […]
Hall closures and no training dates - Due to Half term, next week, there will be no training our Tottenham Martial Arts Branch, Gladesmore Sports Centre, i.e Tuesday 23 October 2018 Friday 26 October 2018 Due to a funeral next week, there will be no training at Leytonstone Martial Arts Branch, O-Regen Epicentre on Thursday 25 October 2018 So there is only […]
Casting Call for Extras - We been asked to share this. In past we had a few student take part on movie and TV work as extras. Nothing major but an experience nonetheless and they sometimes need people with martial arts experience. Your Taekwondo training might have other uses. Hi there, Want to get paid as a film and TV […]
Coloured Belt Grading - The next coloured grading is on Saturday 20 October conducted by Master Andy Betts 7th Dan. We use the standard GTI grading syllabus with the following upgrades.  Yellow belts with Green tags need to do “free sparring” instead of “3 Step-semi free sparring“. This means Green tags and above need to own and bring a full […]
Assistant Instructors and Tournaments - Assistant Instructors For the time being, Oliver Charles (3rd Dan) and Roger Husbands (1st Dan) will be the daily instructors of the Tottenham Branch. This is due to both of them wanting more experience and involvement in being a Taekwondo Instructors. This coincides with the main Instructor, Mr Biodun Sean Onipede, being extremely busy at […]
Easter Bank Holiday Opening Dates - Due to the Easter and Bank holidays we have a lot of days where there will be no training. The Tottenham Branch closes on school holidays while the Leytonstone branch will try to remain open except this Thursday due to a funeral. So therefore Thursday 29 March Leytonstone CLOSED due to a funeral Friday 30 […]
ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS – SCHOOL CLOSED - Due to the snow and difficult travel conditions Gladesmore will be closed on Friday. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Those are the words taken directly off the Gladesmore school website. So Tottenham Branch is closed tomorrow and Leytonstone Branch is closed today. I visited both branches myself today and it was not fun. […]
2018 GTI English Open in Cheltenham - The NLTKD encourages students to attend tournaments. Tournaments are useful in introducing students to dealing with adversity. A student asked how a tournament who help him in real life. I said that if he is afraid to compete in a tournament with referees and safety equipment, then he will probably crap himself in a real […]
Your Instructor is a builder by day. - I always attend classes after work in my work clothes. If you have not guessed from the condition of my clothes, I am a builder by day. I run the Aon Building Contractors www.aonbuild.com firm. I refurbish houses and though I do have people who help out, I prefer to get my hands dirty to […]
Why NLTKD does not teach Sine Wave - This information is really for advanced or existing taekwondo students. Taekwondo was founded in 1955. Back in 1983, the original NLTKD was a founder member of the new TAGB, and we cut our political ties to General Choi Hong Hi . We stuck with the traditional style of patterns as the Sine Wave style that […]
New opening times for Tottenham Branch - Effective immediately, our Tottenham Branch at the Gladesmore Sport centre will now start taekwondo classes from 6pm. The days remain the same, i.e. Tuesday and Friday. This later time is to allow adults and college students join our classes after work/school. The date and times at Leytonstone remains the same
Welcome to 2018 and the GTI Competitor of the Year results - I hope everyone have a good holiday. We are back training from tomorrow at Leytonstone and Friday at Tottenham. I appreciate there will be a bit of lethargy and inertia so the first few lessons will be nice and easy, but with a tournament on the 28th end of January and grading in February, we […]
Taekwondo and digging deep - I am going to repeat a story here that I mentioned in class today When I originally join the NLTKD under Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor, I vividly remember one lesson where I (a yellow or green belt) had to spar a guy called Anthony Harris (Black belt). I was not sparring him but getting a thorough […]
World Champions and Assistant Instructors - We just found out that Catherine Henryanto got gold in both patterns and sparring and Nicolas Henryanto got a bronze in patterns at the World Taekwondo Championships in The Netherlands.Over the years, both of them have been good students but Catherine has been particularly fun to instruct. Tiny, cute Catherine, always eager to learn, in […]
Website Down - Thanks for a couple of calls to let us know our website was down. it is fixed !! NERD ALERT !! it was due to our Linux hosting on Godaddy servers running the old version 5.6 of php. it has now been updated to version 7.1 and our WordPress website seems to be working fine […]
GTI British Open Tournament 2017 - The GTI invite all ITF based Tae Kwon Do schools to join us at the GTI British Open Tournament on 5th November 2017 at Venue: Cheltenham Leisure Centre, Tommy Taylor’s Lane, Cheltenham GL50 4RN. Events will include: – Patterns – Point-stop sparring (for yellow/green belt juniors only) – Continuous sparring (for all other juniors and adults) […]
Fighting Spirit Film Festival - A friend of the NLTKD club has asked us to help promote the 2nd Fighting Spirit Film Festival. This is an event features, short films, and demonstrations from various martial arts clubs.  Also the event is being held in East London so relatively local to many of our members. we know of many students who […]
Summer Holidays - The Leytonstone Branch will be closed for 2 week until the 14th August, due to the Summer Holidays.  The Tottenham Branch is closed until the Gladesmore Community School reopens in September. 
GTI Summer Camp 2017 - The North London Taekwondo are part of the Global Tae Kwon-Do International (GTI). The GTI provides, tournaments, International competition opportunities, Black belt grading, seminars and much more for the NLTKD club members to enjoy as part of their memberships of the NLTKD  The GTI are hosting a summer camp from July 22 2017. last year […]
Holiday Schedule - There will be No training at Leytonstone TODAY due to the bank holidays. There will be on Thursdays There will be no training at Tottenham this week, due to the school holidays. There will be next week as usual.
Old camera, new videos - Ok, it seems the students like the in videos, so I will designate my old Gopro4 camera which I normally used for scuba diving for  Taekwondo only. I tested it today in class and worked fine. I can film in 1080p 60fps which makes slow motion better so is ok for now. I also post […]
The 2016 Students of the Year - The 2016 ”Students of the Year” are C. Craig-Mellentin (Blue belt) and T. Truong (Blue belt) . ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]This year I decided not to give the award to a Black belt because the whole point of the award was to recognise the efforts of student who I think has worked hard and […]
Testing the Breaking Frame from BreakMaster UK - we got the new Break Master BM50 a while ago and we finally decided to give it a go. Our old fixed height rickety wooden breaking horse was too high for the younger kids. The new breaking frame is very compact when dismantled and cheap.  Find Breakmaster Uk on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Break-master-uk-697087100436990/ . I cannot […]
Class of 2017 Photos - The other day in class, Iona (@Tottenham) asks if I can take a photo of the class to send to her friend on Snapchat. I could not think of a reason to refuse so I took a photograph after the lesson and sent it to all the students. Click on image to get larger version […]
Taekwondo tutor wanted - We have been asked to help find a Taekwondo tutor for an after-school club in a primary school in Highbury, North London. There is no grading just teaching basic Taekwondo. The club is every Thursday 3:30 – 4:30 I presume the instructor would need to be an adult with at least red belt and above. […]
Lucozade casting extras - A few months ago we posted a Casting call for extras. They required Taekwondo practitioners, among other sports, to take part in the event. Apparently it was a commercial for Lucozade. On the 17th of August, Oliver Charles, one of our students signed up for it. Oliver said   . . . . “the shoot was […]
Black Belt Pre Grading and Referees Course - Over the next couple of SATURDAYS, we are running 2 events one week apart. BLACK BELT PRE GRADING. Saturday 24 September 11am This event is open to all red belts and above. It is compulsory for anyone who intends to grade at the next GTI Black Belt grading in October 2016 or April 2017. Those […]
Casting Call for extras - Hello, Lovely to talk to you, thank you for offering to help us! Below is all the info you should need for the extra roles, if there are any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me! We are looking for MEN & WOMEN 17 years old and over (There will be 50 people […]
Summer Holidays 2016 - During the school holidays the Tottenham branch in Gladesmore will close. We ask all the Gladesmore students to attend the Leytonstone branch until it reopens. I know many students will be travelling away but we will keep the Leytonstone branch open so long as we have student attending to make classes viable. Also fellow GTI […]
Minimum age requirement - The minimum age for a student to join the NLTKD is 11 at the moment. This is a relatively new rule brought in because we simply cannot cater for both under 11 who will be nursery and primary school children and maintain the tougher physical standards required by the over 11 who will normally be […]
Old school Taekwondo style - NLTKD practices the original ITF syllabus using the old style. That means we use the pattern KoDang and not the newer Juche. Also we use the original “hip twist” style and not the newer sine wave. This video shows the KoDang pattern how it should be done
Feature film casting for Oriental Men to play warriors – Can you help? - We get these emails occasionally. seems legit _________________ Hi, I am writing from Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd – a company that places people as extras in paid roles for Film and TV across the UK. You can visit our website to see just some of the productions we have worked on. For a major new feature film we are looking for […]
Kois is doing the London marathon - Ok Kois and his son are long time students of the NLTKD. Apparently he is doing the London Marathon this weekend and asked us to give it a mention. Well here we go,  see https://www.justgiving.com/Amanda-and-Kois go give him a fiver or tenner for a good cause Ps I don’t think he will survive it 🙂
Paul Williams - Mr Paul Williams has been training with us since 2013, but was actually an original member of the original NLTKD under Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor. When I joined the original NLTKD back in the early 1990’s, Mr Paul Williams was a very useful Red belt whilst I was a shiny brand new white belt. I looked […]
Nicholas Compete in Taekwondo Tournament in Italy - Firstly sorry for delay in posting this. Nicholas was part of the GTI Squad and was selected to represent the GTI at the Italy World Championship. It was held in Northern Italy, Flamenco, Rimini on 25th to 28th June 2015. By being selected for the GTI squad, the GTI sponsors half the cost and the […]
GTI Competitor of the Year 2014 – 2015 results - The final GTI Competitor of the Year 2014 – 2015 results have published on-line at http://gti-taekwondo.com/black-belt-gradings/2014-2015-black-belt-competitor-rankings/. The results confirm that both the boys and girls champions are from the North London Taekwondo club, with numerous mentions of our other Black Belts on the list. Boys Sparring: Oliver Charles Girls Sparring:  Catherine Henryanto ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” […]
Bleep test results for October and November. - Bleep Test results for October and November. I think the winners get to level 15/16 normally at both branches. October Leytonstone Tottenham Oliver Jerry David Catherine Vlad James Mr Onipede Andrii Miah Nicholas Lashawn Joel (Guest) Neel Rinchen Jose Oliver Leona Emry Chelsea Aaron November Chay Azziz Jerry Ian Azarii Dad Oliver Vlad Catherine Nazarii Mr […]
“Breaking Kids” video is now over 2 years old - The “Breaking Kids” video is now over 2 years old and they have all grown up. Most of the Ref belts with black tags are now 2nd Dan Black belts and very active. But the look so cute years ago. I am very proud of them. Breaking boards is trained from the moment the student […]
GTI British Open 2015 Taekwondo Results - The NLTKD had 32 students enter the GTI British Open championship in Cheltenham. For many Taekwondo students it was their first time competing in a martial arts tournament, but most of the senior belts are seasoned competitors. Ether first time or regular competitor, the NLTKD is proud of each one that entered the tournament. Below […]
New Black Belts at NLTKD - Congratulations to the 6 NLTKD students who successfully passed the GTI Black Belt grading held in Derby Uk on the 11th Of October 2015. Rinchen Griffiths-Golha Oliver Charles Ian Jannetta-Porter Oliver Crossman Aaron Bland Tamara Burling 2nd Dan (Adult) 2nd Dan (Junior) 1st Dan (Adult) 1st Dan (Adult) 1st Dan (Junior) 1st Dan (Junior) They […]
Summer Training dates - Training at our Leytonstone branch will remain open for throughout the summer as the attendance has been relatively high for this time of the year. On Monday we had 6 Black belts attended training, of which 5 were 2nd Dan and a generally full club of coloured belt students. A few students who normally attend the […]
Tottenham branch summer closure - Due to the closure of the Gladesmore Community school for the summer holiday, Taekwondo training there will stop till the school reopens. Many student travel on holidays in the next few week but for those of you who would like to continue training, you are encouraged to come to our Leytonstone branch which is still […]
NLTKD student selected to go to World Championships in Italy - Nicolas Henryanto has been selected by the GTI to compete at the Open World Championships in Rimini, Italy  in June World Championships this summer . Nicolas has been a member of our club, NLTKD since 2010 and the talented 13 year was selected by GTI Squad Coach, Mr Jasper Chow. As part of his selection, the GTI will sponsor Nicholas […]
British Open Nov 2014 - 21 NLTKD club members attended the GTI British Open on 23 November 2014. The official results have not released by the GTI but when they are, we will update this post. Most won a medal or 2 but it is the taking part that is most important. Here are some pictures. More pictures can be found […]
New Taekwondo Black Belts - I would like you all to join me in congratulating Mr N Needham and Mr C Ojokor for attaining their 1st Dan Black Belts. They had a good grading. Though Mr Ojokor pulled a hamstring early in the grading he persevered through to the end. The examining panel consisted of Master Tony Sewell (Derby) – 7th Dan, Master George Cockburn […]
Leytonstone CLOSED on Thursday 16th October - There will be no training in Leytonstone Epicenter on  the Thursday 16th October 14 due to the borough holding a Fostering and Adoption Seminar from 2pm to 9pm. This is just for one day and regular training will resume at the next scheduled lesson.
Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor Era - We rebuilt the NLTKD website but somehow forgot to transfer over pictures from Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor era as instructor of the NLTKD. We fixed that. Mr Albert Williamson-Taylor founded the NLTKD many years ago. Mr Onipede reopened it with Albert’s support and even took his son to 2nd Dan. A few original NLTKD students have dusted […]
GTI South East Pre-Grading (London) - Just prior to every Black belt grading we like to invite ALL taekwondo student from Black Tag and above to a Black Belt training session. This give all current and future Black belts the oppurtunity to train together. Also to sharpen up the  the skills of those about to take the Dan grading. The session […]
Bank and Summer Holidays Opening dates - Reminder today is a Bank Holiday so no Taekwondo training tonight at the Leytonstone branch tonight. Regular training continues on Thursday. The Tottenham branch reopens after the summer holiday for regular training on Tuesday 2nd September from 5:30pm as usual
North London Taekwondo in 2014 so far - The NLKD has a new website. The old website, which went live in 2008, was fine for that time, but as web technology and coding evolved, the website became harder to maintain and up date. The best solution is to rebuild the site. In the meantime here are the news update that should have been […]
North London Taekwondo day trip to the Southend seaside - [Show thumbnails] We had a great day at Southend-on-sea with 23 NLTKD students, family and friends today. The kids went for a swim and spent ages at the fun fair. Some parents went shopping. Good day.
GTI National Open Taekwondo Tournament Results - 24 NLTKD students entered the GTI National Open on Sunday 30th June 2013. Many good results and lots of fun had by many. Remember, there is no shame in fighting and losing but there is no pride in not fighting at all Name: Sur: Grade: Catergory: Type: Weight: Result Yusuf C Mens Red Continuous Middle […]
NLTKD logo is now a registered Trade Mark - NLTKD logo is now a registered Trade Mark allowing us to use the ® symbol. This also legally protect our logo and name from being used or copied by anyone else. So if you see our logo being reproduced or copied by someone other than us, then please let us know.
NLTKD goes to ComicCon @ East London Excel 2013 - [Show thumbnails] The NLTKD instructor and students visited the London Comic Con. http://www.mcmcomiccon.com/london/ Different NLTKD students have been going to this bi-annual event on their own steam but this year we decided to go as a group. We had 2 group meet up at both Tottenham hale station and Stratford station. We met on the […]
Youtube videos - During the Easter break, attendance is low, so we did some filming  
Movie “All Stars” (2013) -   Last year, NLTKD was approached by Vertigo Films to provide martial artist for the film “All Stars”. The film is out in the cinemas now. A student went to see it yesterday and said she saw numerous students in it. They were originally cast for their martial arts abilities and roles but due to […]
Harlem Shake Video - We really wanted to film this while the Harlem Shake meme was still current. However we had a tournament, last week, to prepare for. Hope you like it. Facebook version at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151278575421980
GTI English (Open) Championships 2013 - [Show thumbnails] 23 student from our club entered the GTI English (Open) Championships 2013 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (120 miles away) on Sunday 17th February. The students had trained hard and were rewarded with medals/trophies. We got 30 trophies/medals of which 12 is for first place. Please click for RESULTS
Taekwondo at the next 2016 Rio Olympics - NLTKD encourages and attends numerous TKD tournaments a year. For the next 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil, exceptionally skilled Taekwondo students can seek selection for the GB Olympics team via Fighting Chance: Battle4Brazil The top British Olympics Taekwondo fighters, have an ITF style background and to make sure we give Great Britain the best chance […]
GTI British Championships 2012 - A few of our students entered the GTI British Championships on Sunday 4th November. Most students won a medal but all had a good time and gained valuable experience. Taekwondo is a martial arts originally designed for self-defence and military. Hopefully most students will never have to use their training under those circumstances, so tournament […]
Autumn Coloured Belt Grading - [Show thumbnails] Due to the disruption caused by the Olympics, the Autumn grading was mainly for those students who trained through summer or missed last grading. Only 35 student took it and all passed. Standards was awesome. The grading was conducted by Master Tony Sewell 7th Dan and Vice Chairman of the GTI
NLTKD Generations -   There are 3 people in the first picture who at the time of taking the picture never would have imagined the second picture. Guess the 3 parents and 3 kids?
British Championships in Wales - [Show thumbnails] The GTI sent a squad of 14 competitors to the British Championships held in Wales. 5 members of the team were from NLTKD. The tournament ran a bit late so many GTI members did not get the chance to compete. However the 5 NLTKD student came away with 2 gold, 1 silver and […]
“Independent” Newspaper interviews NLTKD regarding the Olympics - An Independent Newspaper journalist called us to discuss the effect of the Olympics on our club. He call ahead, came down with photographer, took lots of pictures and interviewed a few students. Click picture (or here) for Independent.co.uk full news item.
London 2012 Olympics Taekwondo - [Show thumbnails] Thank you to the complete and utter stranger who called our club to offer me, the NLTKD instructor, a free tickets to see the London 2012 Olympics Taekwondo. FREE. Apparently he was given the ticket at work and but could make the date. So instead of wasting it, or giving it to someone […]
2012 GTI National Open at the Wycombe Sports Centre - [Show thumbnails] NLTKD 3 branches sent 32 students to enter the 2012 GTI National Open at the Wycombe Sports Centre. Many student won Gold but more importantly all NLTKD students are already champions and had fun which is all that matters to the NLTKD. See GTI website for full results
GTI Squad Training - We hosted the GTI Squad training for South East Uk and run by Jasper Chow, the GTI Squad Leader. Many students and Mr Onipede took part in the gruelling 2 hour training session. We hope to run these session regularly for students wanting that bit more training and hope to get selected for international events.
NLTKD students get a tiny part in “All Stars” movies shoot - Our club was ask to provide 7 students to act as taekwondo extras in an upcoming movie made by Vetigo Films. Ultimately due to delays in obtaining “child entertainment licences” from Enfield Council, many of their scenes were cancelled but there were used as extra. In any case the kids had a good time at the […]
Summer Coloured Belt Grading – 2012 - 76 students from the 3 branches of the NLTKD. The 6 hour long grading was conducted by Mr Gordon Slater 6th Dan from GTI Essex. He is also the GTI area representative. To ensure standards within NLTKD schools, club instructors are not permitted to “grade” their own students
GTI English Championships 2012 - [Show thumbnails] Congratulations to all students who took part in the GTI English Championships on Sunday 19th February in Cheltenham. Too many trophies/medal to list but everyone that took part is already a winner. Click here to see more photos on Facebook.
- [Show thumbnails] Thanks to Mr Wayne Lewis, 4th Dan of Ho Sin Sul Taekwondo (GTI Droitwich) for being tonight’s guest instructor at our Tottenham branch. As part of Global Taekwondo International (GTI) we are friends with many instructors and clubs around the UK and Ireland.
Fire at the Manor Park branch - There has been a fire at the Manor Park branch. Therefore, Instructor Pat Houlihan, and all students from that branch will continue their training at the Leytonstone branch. Repairs to the property and training hall are estimated to be 2 months.
Christmas and New Year’s holidays - We are closed for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. We resume training at the Leytonstone Branch on Thursday 5th and at the Tottenham Branch on Friday 6th
Winter Coloured Belt Grading – 2011 - [Show thumbnails] Congratulations to all 62 students of who took this grading on Saturday 17 December 2011 and passed. Thanks to Examiner Mr Gordon Slater (GTI Essex) for the marathon 6 hour of grading.
GTI British Championships on 13th November - Congratulations to the students who took part in the last 2011 GTI British Championships on 13th November. We sent only a few competitors down and most where successful. I am particularly happy at picking up a a few trophies for the club in Patterns, indicating we are also emphasising the “Arts” parts of our training. […]
Sainsbury’s Active Kids - Also we have been asked by Sainsbury’s Active to hold a few days of martial arts training for the 14th Chingford Brownie Unit. The NLTKD has carried out numerous sessions for the Sainsbury Active Kids in the past at center around the North/East of London. It is our pleasure to hold these short training courses […]
Autumn grading 2011 - [Show thumbnails] After the summer lull, most students returned to training. 37 students who trainied through the summer graded for their coloured belts on Saturday 17 September 2011. It was carrie d out by Master Sewell, 7th Dan (Derby). All passed and belts and grading certificates have been passed out.
Road Trip to Scotland - [Show thumbnails] On Saturday 24 March, NLTKD took 6 students on a 800+ miles road trip to Glasgow, Scotland to enter a tournament and all won medals. However it was the journey that was more memorable. We have a little walked around the town, tried out a bit of haggis (it is OK), joined the […]
New NLTKD branch – Manor Park -   Pat Houlihan will be opening an new branch of the NLTKD at Manor Park, east London. Pat will have full autonomy in the running of the branch but will be fully supported by the NLTKD. Students, if need to can train at any branch. Details are Unit 7 , 57 Church Road, Manor park, […]
Coloured belt Grading and GTI Instructors Training course. - [Show thumbnails] On Saturday 19 March 2011, the NLTKD held its Spring Coloured belt grading with Master Tony Sewell, 7th Dan (GTI Derby) as examiner. 28 students attended and thankfully all passed. Special mention to Catherine Henryanto who demonstrate great enthusiasm. While the grading was going on, in another part of the Gladesmore Sprts center, […]
Spring Coloured Belt Grading – 2012 - [Show thumbnails] Congratulations to all 70 students who took the Spring Coloured Belt Grading on Saturday 17 March 2012 and passed. The standard was so high few students asked if they had passed because they knew they had done well. Thanks to Examiner Master Tony Sewell (GTI Vice Chairman).
GTI English Taekwondo Championships - NLTKD had 19 students attend the GTI English Taekwondo Championships held on 27 February 2011. Many of our younger students were on their mid-term holidays so not as many students as we would normally have attended the competition. Also many students were competing in the same category therefore knocking each other out, but was all […]
Scholarship Scheme - The NLTKD has now started a Scholarship scheme to support talented individuals wishing to train, or to continue training with partial to full reduction of their training fees. We have a limited number of Scholarship places available and those selected are expected to show a high and continuing commitment to their Taekwondo training and to […]
YouTube, Facebook and Twitter - Years ago, we had a guest instructor, Oscar Garcia from Venezuela for 6 months. He was a WTF Taekwondo Black belt and before he left he made our first promo video. It was a bit cheesy but was appreciated. Then James Spencer joined us. He was awesome at patterns. He made a few videos from […]
NLTKD has reopened - [Show thumbnails] NLTKD has reopened after the Christmas break. The advanced classes at the Epicenter , Leytonstone is looking very full and space in the hall is getting tight after the promotion of a few students. We might have to restart dedicated Black Belt classes again. We still have a few vacancies available for beginners […]
2010 Xmas party; reopen on Thursday 06 January 2011 - [Show thumbnails] Today we held our Annual Christmas party but it turned out into a snowball fight for the kids till they ran out of ammo. Taekwondo training is tough and standards are raising next year and the party is my way of thanking all students and to chill all together. The party marks the […]
Winter Coloured Belt Grading – December 2010 - [Show thumbnails] 40+ students were supposed to grade today. Worse snowfall in 25 years caused massive disruption to both roads and public transport. A 20 minute journey to the grading hall took me 1.30 hours. Many were struck for longer preventing 10+ students from attending. All students that did attend PASSED while we will reschedule […]
GTI British Championships 2010 - 27 NLTKD students entered the 17th GTI British Championships on Sunday 7th November 2010 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Some student were competing for the first time and many student took first place mainly for sparring. We are working on winning trophies in patterns in future as we only got 2nd and 3rd places. the standards at […]
September 2010 Taekwondo Tournament and Grading - Our first North London Junior Open tournament was a success with entrants from many schools from round the country. Full results available here That same morning saw the coloured belt students attend their grading. The Examiner was Master Tony Sewell. Unfortunately a couple of student were unsuccessful, but both are showing perseverance and continuing there […]
Black Belt Grading – Sunday 03 October 2010 - I would like you all to join me in congratulating Mr Pat Houlihan for attaining his 3rd Dan. He had a good grading and according to one of the examiners, he was technically good. The examining panel consisted of Master Tony Sewell (Derby) – 7th Dan, Master George Cockburn (Leicester) – 7th Dan, Mr Francis […]
Junior Open (Under 18’s) competition in London - We have the pleasure in inviting you to the 1st North London Tae Kwon Do Junior Open (Under 18’s) competition in London on Sunday 26th September. There will be both point-stop and continuous sparring categories, and patterns competition. The venue is the Gladesmore Sports Centre, Crowland Rd, London, N15 6EB. Doors Open from 10 am.

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