Coronavirus. WE ARE CLOSED

UPDATE 18/03/2020 Following the Government’s advise on Monday and today we are closing for 2 weeks and will review then.

The NLTKD has been in operation for many decades and will be back

Coronavirus. The current government advice has NOT asked schools, work, restaurants  or social clubs to close down. Therefore we shall remain open until further notice. We are mainly British and Londoners and should have we should stiff upper lip and have a cup of tea as we ride out this crisis. Also from what i can gather, the flu does not badly affect young and fit people as we have in our club.

I will continued to monitor the news and will shut if the government advises we close or any student is affected. 

Our next coloured belt grading is set for 22 June with Mast Tony Sewell and for now will be on schedule.

Also our club as had a Tiktok account since 2018, search for NLTKD

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