Easter Bank Holiday Opening Dates

Due to the Easter and Bank holidays we have a lot of days where there will be no training. The Tottenham Branch closes on school holidays while the Leytonstone branch will try to remain open except this Thursday due to a funeral. So therefore

Thursday 29 March Leytonstone CLOSED due to a funeral
Friday 30 March Tottenham CLOSED due to a Easter Holiday
Monday 2 April Leytonstone CLOSED due to a Bank Holiday
Tuesday 3 April Tottenham CLOSED due to a Easter Holiday
Wednesday 4 April    
Thursday 5 April Leytonstone OPEN as usual
Friday 6 April Tottenham CLOSED due to a Easter Holiday
Monday 9 April Leytonstone OPEN as usual
Tuesday 10 April Tottenham CLOSED due to a Easter Holiday
Wednesday 11 April    
Thursday 12 April Leytonstone OPEN as usual
Friday 13 April Tottenham CLOSED due to a Easter Holiday
Monday 16 April Leytonstone OPEN as usual
Tuesday 17 April Tottenham Tottenham reopen 

The Tottenham branch is always forced to close on school holidays so we encourage those students who wish to continue training to try and attend the Leytonstone branch. You can get the Oveground train from South Tottenham and ride a few stops to Leytonstone High Road and we are a short walk from the station. 

If you are going away on holiday, have fun and don’t eat too much. If you want to train at home check out the NLTKD Homework page


Due to the snow and difficult travel conditions Gladesmore will be closed on Friday. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Those are the words taken directly off the Gladesmore school website. So Tottenham Branch is closed tomorrow and Leytonstone Branch is closed today. I visited both branches myself today and it was not fun. The snow in east London seems thicker than North London but both have bad side streets. Since the weather is supposed to get worse and the classes are late in the evening it is best to heed the weather warnings. We should be back to normal next week.

In meantime I have spoken to Rinchin bout finding us a Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor to teach us ground work. Taekwondo is probably the best stand-up martial arts style but we are no good on the ground. Rinchin has found someone and I am in talks to see if we can get him down to show us a few moves. 

2018 GTI English Open in Cheltenham

The NLTKD encourages students to attend tournaments. Tournaments are useful in introducing students to dealing with adversity. A student asked how a tournament who help him in real life. I said that if he is afraid to compete in a tournament with referees and safety equipment, then he will probably crap himself in a real self-defence situation. Tournaments will help you a little bit to deal with the adrenaline surge, nerves and reality of “fighting” a stranger. However I must admit nothing can prepare you against a mugger with an AK47 or Desert Eagle, just saying.

It also encourages students to learn to strive to be competitive and be the best they can be. These are life skills needed in a the highly competitive professional real world.  At the last GTI tournament in Cheltenham, the following student got

  • N. Henryanto – Bronze Sparring
  • C. Henryanto – Gold Sparring and Gold patterns
  • V. Vasiura – Bronze sparring and Bronze patterns
  • C. Craig-Mellentin – Bronze sparring
  • N. Kunchii – fought well but was unsuccessful.
  • A. Kunchii – silver sparring
  • J. Dlask- Gold Sparring and Gold patterns
  • A. Bejenariu – Bronze Sparring
  • R. Grigaliunaite– silver sparring
  • M. Tapper – Gold patterns and Bronze Sparring

Lots more photos on the GTI Facebook page 
Like the Global Taekwondo International (GTI) page to keep updated on news and events.


Your Instructor is a builder by day.

I always attend classes after work in my work clothes. If you have not guessed from the condition of my clothes, I am a builder by day. I run the Aon Building Contractors www.aonbuild.com firm. I refurbish houses and though I do have people who help out, I prefer to get my hands dirty to get the work done.
Some people might have seen me on “Homes Under the Hammer” Series 20 episode 41, where I bought a house in East London at auction and refurbished it. Below are picture from another house I bought at auction.

I often recommend young people to consider a career in the building industry. There are lots of different area of specialisation. I have had a few guys who started their careers with me as a labourer, go on the learn the trade and eventually start own business. From their building careers, they have their own homes/mortgages, ski holidays, pets and 2.4 kids.
I do not recommend a career as a Martial arts instructor as the high hall rent and very stiff competition in London make it difficult to achieve. On the other hand there is a shortage of highly skilled tradesmen in London. If you want further advise in the building industry, please contact me. PS I am very busy and unable to do your works but if you need any free advice, you can call me.